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Download FlowCalc32 CE as an exe file.

Alternate file format:

Download FlowCalc32 CE as zip file if your internet service provider doesn’t allow you to download exe files. Extract the program with winzip to a separate directory and start the installation program from there.


Download manual as PDF


Export utility program (for users of FlowCalc32 ver. 2.11 and older):

If you already have a version of FlowCalc32 installed you will need to export all data that you want to keep before uninstalling the old version.

If you are using FlowCalc32 version 2.11 or earlier, we have made an utility program that allows you to save your data before upgrading. Download this program and run it before uninstalling the old program. No installation is needed to run this program.
If you have version 2.20 or later start FlowCalc32 and use the save to file command before you upgrade or make a reinstallation.