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Q:What is STP. and how do I use it in FlowCalc32 ?

A:SPT is used for Gas flow.
As gas is compressible it´s an old tradition to express gas flow at a reference condition.The STP standard condition used by FlowCalc32 CEs is selectable by the user to apply to the standard you are using in your area. You may also select desired temperature and pressure units. This means that values given for density and volumetric flow are expressed at your selected temperature and pressure.
By checking or unchecking the STP checkbox, FlowCalc converts values for density and flow between operating condition and at STP reference condition instantly.

This STP checkbox is checkable when media is gas and a volumetric unit is selected. All volumetric flow units may be marked, to be at STP conditions.
Conversion between mass and volumetric flow units is also available.

Q: Why cant I see the STP selection checkbox?

A: The STP selection checkbox will visible when media is gas and a volumetric flow unit is selected.

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